The delivery of 100 HMMWV (High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle) military vehicles, also known as Humvees, was made Saturday in the Ukrainian port city of Odessa. The information was largely sourced from the US ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt.

“Another 100 humvees for #Ukraine delivered to #Odesa this morning – making good on @VP’s commitment in March,” he wrote on his Twitter feed.

The first 30 Humvees were delivered to Ukraine in March as the US announced the promise of 230 military vehicles and additional military equipment worth $75 million.

This is the same Odessa where Nazi mobs burned dozens pro-Russian separatists to death in a building, which was caught on video. The western media continues to ignore these crimes which have been permitted by the US-backed government in Kiev.

Nazis working with the Kiev government, and likely backed up by western mercenenaries who speak English?

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Here is a reminder of the Nazi presence originally posted from the February 2015 article when US Senator James Inhofe used old pictures of Russian military forces as a claim that they were in Ukraine assisting the rebels.


If Senator Inhofe saw the nazis who might receive anti-tank weapons, maybe he would reconsider his recommendations.

The irony is that the same lack of research that led Senator Inhofe to be fooled by old pictures is also what seems to keep major media from discussing any evidence showing the true character of Ukrainian forces who would receive the military aid. There are countless photos and videos showing the neo-nazi tendencies of pro-Kiev troops and militia thugs who have helped turn the conflict into an ethnic cleansing, particularly well covered by Eric Zuesse. (More here, here, here and here)

This is not unknown to the media or Washington, or it shouldn’t be, if they would do their job properly.

In late January, videos of English speaking soldiers in eastern Ukraine during intense battles raised many questions about exactly who is on the ground in the country. One mercenary was positively identified as British, who was seen looking at fresh damage after heavy shelling. As we reported, clear American English is heard off camera during the same point in the video.


So what is he doing with a patch from the Azov battalion in Ukraine, an openly neo-nazi unit that is often involved in heavy fighting.


Even the UK’s Telegraph reported on how they basically authenticate what so-called conspiracy theorists might say is evidence of America supporting extremist groups.

Such characters under Kiev’s control play straight into the hands of Russian and separatist propaganda that portrays Ukraine’s government as a “fascist junta” manipulated by the West.

“These battalions are made up of mercenaries, not volunteers,” said Sergei Kavtaradze, a representative of the rebel authorities in Donetsk. “They are real fascists who kill and rape civilians.” Mr Kavtaradze could not cite evidence of his claim and the battalion says it has not harmed a single civilian.

Ukraine’s government is unrepentant about using the neo-Nazis. “The most important thing is their spirit and their desire to make Ukraine free and independent,” said Anton Gerashchenko, an adviser to Arsen Avakov, the interior minister. “A person who takes a weapon in his hands and goes to defend his motherland is a hero. And his political views are his own affair.”

Mark Galeotti, an expert on Russian and Ukrainian security affairs at New York University, fears battalions like Azov are becoming “magnets to attract violent fringe elements from across Ukraine and beyond”. “The danger is that this is part of the building up of a toxic legacy for when the war ends,” he said.

Extremist paramilitary groups who have built up “their own little Freikorps” and who are fundamentally opposed to finding consensus may demand a part in public life as victors in the conflict, Mr Galeotti added. “And what do you do when the war is over and you get veterans from Azov swaggering down your high street, and in your own lives?”

The Azov battalion uses the neo-Nazi Wolfsangel (Wolf’s Hook) symbol on its banner.




BBC NEWSNIGHT reported on the obvious links to neo-nazis one year ago at the height of Maidan protests.

Senator John McCain, notorious warmonger, can point Senator Inhofe in the direction of the real neo-nazis in charge.

McCain is BFF’s with Ukraine’s US-puppet Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and Svoboda party’s Oleh Tyahnybok.





Svoboda party and Right Sector are the most prominent of the extremist groups, who’s mass-murdering leader Dmitry Yarosh ran for president last year as BBC reported.

The Right Sector is the most radical wing of Ukraine’s Maidan protest movement that toppled President Viktor Yanukovych in February.

Originally set up as an alliance of ultra-nationalist groups in November 2013, the Right Sector is now a party and its leader, Dmytro Yarosh, is running for president in the 25 May election – although his poll rating is negligible.

Critics at home say the party’s inflammatory rhetoric and violence is helping Russian media to depict Ukraine as overrun with “neo-Nazis” who threaten the Russian-speaking population.

The Right Sector is trying to portray itself as a responsible party, but enough doubts remain about its attitude and intentions to cause unease in both pro-Kiev and pro-Moscow camps.

Activists claiming to be Right Sector members were involved in Kiev’s Maidan protests from late November, but the group did not attract much attention until violent clashes with police in central Kiev on 19 January, in which it played a leading role.

By early February Mr Yarosh was saying the Right Sector had 500 fighters on Independence Square and could mobilise up to 5,000 nationwide, although close observers of the protests doubt this.


The StormCloudsGathering video on Ukraine notes that Svoboda and Tyanyhbok are openly extremist, this is common knowledge and easily confirmed.

SCG News

The most prominent among these groups is an organization called Svoboda. The Svoboda party which traces its roots to the Ukrainian partisan army of World War II, was loosely allied with Nazi Germany. Until 2004, Svoboda had been called the Social-Nationalist Party, a deliberate reference to the National Socialism of the Nazis.

We’re not throwing the term Neo-Nazi around as an empty slur here. The leader of Svoboda, Oleh Tyahnybok, has openly targeted Jews and ethnic Russians in Ukraine for many years. In 2004 he was kicked out of Viktor Yushenko’s government for a speech calling for Ukrainians to fight against a “Muscovite-Jewish mafia”, and in 2005 he signed his name to an open letter to the leadership of Ukraine entitled “Stop the Criminal Activities of Organised Jewry”.

And none of this was a secret. The BBC was already reporting on the danger that Svoboda’s rise posed back in 2012, and the EU passed a resolution that same year condemning Svoboda, as “racist, anti-Semitic and xenophobic”. Yet somehow the U.S. government thought it was appropriate to back these extremists.


Why would the U.S. government work with Neo-Nazis?

Because they thought they could control the situation. They thought they could install their puppets behind the scenes and manipulate the situation in their favor. This isn’t a theory. That same Victoria Nuland who met with Svoboda in February was caught in another leaked phone call discussing who would they would put in power.

The mainstream media tried to draw your attention away from the important part of this conversation by focusing on the fact that she used a cuss word when referring to the E.U.
The U.S. government thought they could control this beast. But they were wrong. Svoboda and the Right Sektor are not toys to be played with. These groups are armed, they’re forceful, and they view this crisis as an opportunity to reshape Ukraine in their own image.

Apparently the U.S. government has been a little slow to catch on to the fact that their hand has been exposed. In March a senior U.S. official told Reuters that “Since entering the Ukrainian Parliament in October 2012, the Svoboda leadership has been working to take their party in a more moderate direction and to become a modern, European mainstream political party, The leadership has been much more vigilant about expelling or otherwise punishing individual members who engage in xenophobic behavior or rhetoric.”

So it’s ok to use known Neo-Nazi groups to topple a government as long as their leaders keep their people from saying anything stupid in front of cameras for a few months? The reality of the matter is that as ridiculous as this assertion makes Washington look, they are trapped. They can’t deny that Svoboda and the Right Sektor are running the coalition government when Svoboda holds five senior posts including the deputy prime minister position and the Right Sektor’s Dmytro Yarosh is now the country’s Deputy Secretary of National Security.


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