Iraq – In Basra, demonstrators relinquished
control of a road leading to the Umm Qasr port. Dozens of protestors had blocked passage to the port two days ago but returned control of the road when
authorities promised to create up to 75 jobs. Also in the southern city, an Italian logistics manager was shot while trying to withdraw money. The shooting is believed to be a simple robbery. A sniper, however, killed a police colonel and wounded a journalist.

At least 188 were killed and 45 were wounded in Basra
and elsewhere:

North of Ramadi in Jaramshah, militants killed
23 security members
in the third ambush this weekend.

In Twai and Albu Jred, clashes left 18 security
members dead and 30 wounded
. Thirteen
militants were killed
in the clashes and eight more
were wounded

Shi’ite militiamen were killed
in a roadside bombing north of Baghdad.

Mortar fire in Albu Eitha wounded a major

In Tuz, two
civilians were shot dead
at separate locations.

A civilian
and six militants were killed
in Ana when the militants accidentally
set of a bomb they were working on.

About 22
militants were killed
in Tal Afar and al-Ayadiyah.

militants were killed
in airstrikes in the Mosul and Sinjar

Another 20
were killed
in eastern Salah ad Din province.

Airstrikes on Makhmour killed
12 militants

militants were killed
in Fatha.

In Haditha, nine
militants were killed

A roadside bomb killed
six militants and wounded three more
in Baaj.

militants were killed
in Rutba.

In Baghdad, five
militants were killed and two were wounded

A wali
and his three brothers were killed
in Qayara.

militants were killed
in Baiji.

In al-Baghdadi, a suicide
bomber was killed


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