The full text of the Trans Pacific Partnership was released Thursday after the secretive negotiating process lasting more the seven years. The Office of the United States Trade Representative has published the entire text of the final agreement between the 12 member nations on its website for download in PDF format.

The agreement was released one month after the final deal was secured at a final negotiating meeting in Atlanta. The full text now begins a 90-day review period before Congress.

Critics of the Trans Pacific Partnership will not have an easy read as the entire deal is over 5,000 pages long and broken into 30 separate chapters with various indexes and appendices. The TPP negotiations have been criticized for a lack of transparency which kept the deal secret from (most) US lawmakers.

The Trans Pacific Partnership “will help increase Made-in-America exports, grow the American economy, support well-paying American jobs, and strengthen the American middle class” according to the United States Trade Representative.

However the TPP has been proven to be a threat to economic liberty based on numerous leaked documents, possibly because the person reading them had a conscience. The deal is a corporate friendly agreement that can subvert sovereign national law leading to governments being sued by corporations for lost profits. The Trans Pacific Partnership also gives large pharmaceutical corporations, which Doctors Without Borders complained about, and then mysteriously got bombed by mistake, twice.

The environment has been a concern for TPP followers on the liberal side of politics ironically because it does not have provisions for climate change. The deal gives the benefits of reduced regulation to oil and gas firms and could even lead to increases in profits for smugglers of illegal wildlife, natural resources.

Another serious concern is the TPP chapter allowing the international trade of food to bypass food safety regulations in the United States and other countries. Other corporate friendly loopholes give multinational corporations advantages threatening internet freedom, intellectual property and even video games.

The Trans Pacific Partnership can still be stopped, it will likely not be voted on until February and will become an election issue offering a chance to expose the truth. The European hybrid, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), is causing increased controversy especially in England.

The Trade In Services Agreement (TISA) is an agreement including the European Union, United States and 20 other countries covering many service industries, financial regulations and even maritime and air traffic rules in some cases. Uruguay recently withdrew from the deal in September.

The deals combined would control most of the economic activity between the member nations.



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