A report out of India suggests that GMO mustard will not happen in India after significant protests.


Punjab’s Agriculture Minister Tota Singh has ordered the cancellation of all approvals or any future field trials for genetically modified (GM) mustard.

The minister has taken the decision as he was not taken into confidence during the field trials of GM mustard in Punjab early this year.

The minister has asked the Agriculture Department as well as Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, to not allow any further clearance to GM mustard.

According to sources in the Agriculture Department, the minister held a meeting with officials of the department on Wednesday in which he instructed that it be conveyed to Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, not to conduct any further trials of the GM mustard and cancel all the approvals given earlier for the trials.

“I was not aware that any such field trials related of genetically modified mustard were conducted in Punjab. As soon as I came to know of it, I instructed the concerned officials to cancel all the approvals,” said Agriculture Minister Tota Singh.
The minister said that as there is debate about the adverse effects of genetically modified crops on human health as well as on the environment, he has ordered that no field trials should be allowed before the Health Department gives its clearance.

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