WTF NEWS – Spain’s PolicĂ­a Nacional announced that officials had seized approximately 20,000 military uniforms being smuggled to Syria and Iraq for the Islamic State, in a statement posted to the agency’s website on Friday.



The camouflage fatigues were discovered inside boxes marked as humanitarian aid during inspections by customs officials in Valencia and Algeciras. The supplies were listed as ‘second-hand clothes’ to avoid suspicion.

‘The containers which carried the military uniforms were declared as second-hand clothes so as to not raise suspicions and be able to pass different customs inspections without any difficulty,’ the statement read.

‘With the roughly 20,000 military uniforms and accessories, it would have been possible to equip an entire army, which would be ready to enter into combat in any of the battlegrounds which jihadist terrorist organizations have around the world,’ according to the statement.

The interior ministry warned that the latest discovery highlighted the capabilities of Islamic State’s illegal smuggling to Syria and Iraq. Police officials declined to reveal whether the uniforms were originally shipped from Europe. The final destination of the shipment was also withheld by police.

The statement referenced earlier arrests as part of an ongoing investigation into Islamic State and smuggling rings operating inside the country. The arrests were made in early February 2016 in Valencia, Alicante and Spain’s North African city of Ceuta.

‘Five are Spanish nationals of Syrian, Jordanian and Moroccan origin, and two are Syrian and Moroccan nationals,’ according to an earlier statement. The operation launched in 2014, has been described as an investigation into the ‘foreign structures’ providing logistical support for ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra.

Islamic State and Jahbat al-Nusra have both received the majority of their supplies from outside Syria and particularly through Turkey. Turkey has allowed terrorists and supplies to enter and leave Syria through its border crossings for the entire 5 years of the Syrian proxy war.